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How can you not dream of having a house in the heart of Paris?

Chef Sota ATSUMI pursued this goal for several years to build a house where his guests would exchange smiles between two delicious dishes concocted and served by a team of delighted hosts. Thus the MAISON restaurant was born.

MAISON is located in a charming alley in the 11th arrondissement, La Rue Saint Hubert.


There is no possible hesitation as to the location, MAISON is the only….house on the street. Former wine storage place, former coffee machine repair workshop, and many other lives, this pretty building has been restored from A to Z to make it a place for a unique gastronomic experience.

A unique piece of wood 8 meters long as a guest table in the middle of the large room covered with century-old tiles, a few more tables to accommodate up to 40 people in front of a wide open kitchen. The idea is beautiful and good to receive our guests as we would receive them at home. The experience is shared between guests but also with the team in the dining room and in the kitchen.

The products used by Chef Sota and the wines offered by his team are selected with the same attention to detail, respect and sense of harmony as the materials decorating the restaurant.

The entire team of Chef Sota ATSUMI is happy to welcome its first guests from September 10, 2019; at HOME.


HOUSE is eaten, HOUSE is felt, in short HOUSE is lived!

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